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Effort's Value


The intention of this intro blog is to let all of you know about myself & my path to this online world. I'm not sure whether I would be successful or not in this field but, I'm pretty sure that I could get some valuable people here. Advance thanks to the friends whom I think will spend some time in this blog & in my future blogs too Insha ALLAH (If GOD wishes). Surely, I will not waste your valuable time.

I'm working as a software professional (a good life but not so romantic). Romance will come only if you have a heart for that field. From my early years, I had interest in content writing (poetic, political etc.,) and to reach people with some valuable values. But, my life took a different track as most of common man's life and ended in C,C++ etc.,

Track Change:

After some 3 years of working in IT field, I would like to jump into content writing with the focus of giving something to this society. I will not say this will be a demonetized or non-profitable blog but, I will always say you couldn't expect anything in this world without contributing anything from your end. So, if I get any profit from this site, it's just a gift. But, money is only one of the motive of this site and valuable content will be the main motive of this site.

Before entering into this field, I have spent nearly 6 months in researching on online content marketing & delivery. After some hectic time of effort, I've decided to start a site & I'm writing this blog. I've read many blogs & I know what will be the people's mentality while reading these kind of blogs. I just want to assure you one thing that I will try my best to make this site a different kind of experience from others.

Intention of ReviewR:

The primary intention of this site is to review things & suggest the people regarding the best available & affordable thing in the online market. You will not be spammed & you will not regret for using this site. We will make sure that you will be exiting this site with some value every time you login. If everything goes well & if I could get the continuous support from your end then, we will try to make some non-profitable sites which will be a promise.

What You Will Get:

We (actually I'm) are trying to contribute some genuine reviews and suggestions on multiple products such as mobiles, laptops etc., & will also provide the best budget offers/deals available on popular products in the online market. Also, this site has a good forum facility in which you could interact with other people & also you could post some informative, useful posts to contribute to the society. Also, you could sign up & become a member of this valuable community.


The above content is a self disclosure which I think any blogger would be shy to share with the open public but, I'm glad to share it with you.

Thanks once again to those who read this blog (both liked & disliked) since, every effort has it's own value.

Yours, Jamal Mohamed S

Software engineer & Blogger


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